A Unique 12-Month 


The Integrative Health Coach Institute (IHCI) offers a unique one year + interactive Wellness Coach Certification Program, that provides an effective framework for students to both intellectually learn and personally experience powerful coaching tools that are used to shift and enhance all areas of life and all aspects of human existence.


Your Wellness Coach Certification will include an in-depth study of the following:


  • Human anatomy and physiology

  • How to use food as medicine

  • Emotional healing

  • Diet fads and myths

  • Integrative medical practices

  • Business building practices

  • Individual, couples and group coaching facilitation techniques

  • How to facilitate coaching-based workshops and retreats


Graduates will not only receive ongoing support from our Institute, they will also have access to all of the tools presented in this program online, with printable forms to use for their clients.



Greatest Self



Discover your greatest self and guide others to their greatness using tangible tools learned both intellectually and practiced in reality.


During your program, you will undergo an in-depth self-study of each module, and subsequently complete a final exam.   Each module is on average, 8 weeks in length, including preparation for your final module exam.  


At the IHCI, we believe the best coaches are the best students; and those who "practice what they preach".


Subsequent to the successful completion of your program, you have the opportunity to attend your 14-day practicum, offered in beautiful Costa Rica offered two times per year. This practicum will be facilitated by either one or both of our Founders: Dr. Randi Raymond, and Hali Love.


During your practicum, you will have the opportunity to work alongside our founders will real clients and put your training into practice.


Your graduation ceremony will be held in Costa Rica on the last day of your practicum.

flourish in


as you contribute to Others.


Our philosophy is simple. Integrate practices anchored in the 6 bodies of Holistic Healing:


1. Physical: including anatomy and physiology.

2. Emotional: the five main human emotions.

3. Mental: our thoughts, all of them.

4. Intellectual: our knowledge, ability to learn.

5. Energetic: energy awareness.

6. Spiritual: self defined.



Module 1   The Foundational Theories


Module 2   The Integrative Medical Approach to Healing


Module 3   Emotional Healing Techniques and Practices

Module 4  Food as Medicine: Based on Modern Nutrition

Module 5   Coaching Facilitation Part 1 - Physical


Module 6   Coaching Facilitation Part 2 - Emotional


Module 7   Successful Business Building 


Module 8   Practicum in Costa Rica



Each Module is divided into 4 Sections:


1. Theory

2. Self Study

3. Client Application

4. Module Test



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Listen to IHCI Student Amanda speak candidly about her experience on just Day 3 of her Module 1!

Your Program


  • Your pre-course application review and phone interview.

  • Your IHCI Monthly Modules.

  • Your contact hour schedule with founders, Dr. Randi Raymond and Hali Love.

  • Access to podcasts and videos supporting your program theory (to applicable modules)

  • Access to meditations by IHCI founders.

  • Your required check-in via conference call (one time per month) - Individual/Private. 

  • Email support.

Dr. Randi Raymon IMD

Co-Founder of IHCI 

Hali Love ERYT + Coach

Co-Founder of IHCI 

Why choose the Integrative Health Coach Institute?


We offer a unique Coaching Certification Program that will launch you successfully into your career as a Health Coach. You will study and practice all of our coaching techniques that have been tested to empower and inspire individuals to live their most powerful lives.

Graduates will have full access to all online resources (meditations, printable forms, and client intakes).

What are the benefits of the integrative approach? 


Power is about balance; the balance of Stirra (strength) and Sukha (softness).  We believe that in order to live your most powerful self, you must obtain and maintain balance in all areas of life.

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