We offer two styles of Certification Programs:



1. A Month to Month Self Study Program

2. A 6-Month Structured Web Classes

We have structured our IHCI Coaching Certification Program in such away that you are able to begin your program at anytime throughout the year.


Upon registration, you will receive Module 1. Following the commencement of your program, you will receive the following Modules every 30 days.  


Subsequent to the completion of your 6 IHCI Training Modules, you will have opportunity to complete your Pura Vida Practicum, heald in Costa Rica!  


Your Pura Vida Practicum is available four times throughout the year: February, June, July and November. 


This is where you will have the opportunity to work with our facilitation team with real clients on actual healing retreats.


$6,000.00 USD

+ required text books

* A required text book list will be sent to you

upon acceptance of your application.



150-Hour Pura Vida Practicum

$1,900.00 USD


Payment Options Available:

$1,100.00 USD Per Month



Leadership Qualities/Empowering Guidance/Inspire Greatness/Giving & Receving Feedback/Team Building/Effectivity/Modern Nutrition/Ancient Wisdom

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