• In our minds, there is no better "job" than enhancing the lives of others.  In our bustling world, coaching is becoming a commonly saught after remedy for stress management, self-love and acceptance and relationship guidance.


  • Coaches typically work one-on-one with individuals, either face to face, or via the telephone or skype.  This enables you to essentially work from anywhere in the world.


  • During your program you will cover tips, tools and techiniques which you can bring to trainings, workshops and retreats - expanding your career further!


  • Certified Coaches can make anywhere from $50 per hour to $500 per hour, depending on the skill level, experience and expertise of the coach.


  • Throughout your IHCI Certification Program, you will receive a complete manual, which includes all modules. You will be provided with coaching templates, which will set your coaching practice up for success.  


  • As a Certified IHC, you have the option to receive continued support from our faculty throughout your coaching career, as well you will have the opportunity to become an affiliate with or International Coaching Wellness Program.



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