• Upon receipt of your Application Form, you will be contacted via email to be advised of your acceptance.  At this time, a telephone interview will be scheduled.


  • Upon official acceptance to your program, you will receive your pre-requisite package, which must be completed and submitted within 14 days prior to the commencement date of your program.


  • Over 12 months, you will study your IHCI Modules. Subequently, you will schedule your practicum in Costa Rica, where you will put all of your studies and tools into action by completing Module 8 - your two-week, all inclusive, Pura Vida Practicum!



*** Scroll down for module details.


Module 1: The Foundation: 6 Bodies of Holistic healing


Module 2: The Integrative Medical Approach to healing


Module 3: Food as medicine: based on Modern Nutiriton


Module 4: Emotional Healing techniques and practices


Module 5: Coaching Facilitation Part 1 - Physical


Madule 6: Coaching Facilitation Part 2 - Emotional


Module 7: Succesful Business Building


Module 8: Pura Vida Practicum in Costa Rica




Module 1 The Foundation


  • You will undertake an in-depth study of each body, including the intellectual learning and embodied practice of a plethora of coaching tools that you can use to successfully coach others to optimum health and well-being.  The 6 Bodies of Multi Style Health are:


1) Physical

2) Emotional

3) Mental

4) Energetic

5) Intellectual

6) Spiritual


  • You will receive 6 podcasts, each one guiding you through a mindful meditation to connect you with each body.  Each podcast builds progressively on the pior body, with the result being complete mindfulness on each of the bodies by the time you reach number 6.


  • You will learn the importance of balance, and learn how to balance both the stirra and sukha (strength and softness) in each of the 6 bodies.


  • The Physical Body will include an overview of Anatomy and Physiology.

Module 2 Integrative Medicine



  • Study Basic Anatomy and Physiology, from a functional medicine approach.


  • An overview of the principles of functional medicine.


  • How the 5 Elements relate to the 6 Bodies, and Integrative Coaching tools used to deepen and balance each element.  The 5 Elements are:


1) Earth

2) Fire

3) Metal

4) Wood

5) Water


  • The basic theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine including the theory of Qi, Blood, Yin and Yang, causes of disease, and tools and techniques to impact health.  


  • Treatment options- yoga, coaching, qi gong, acu point massage/ stimulation (auricular seeds), nutritional counseling, refer out and track patient progress with different practitioners.


Module 3 Modern Nutrition

  • There are so many myths and fads in the world today.  In this module, you will explore how to incorporate the simplicity of ancient wisdom into our modern day lifestyle, and how to use FOOD as MEDICINE.


  • You will learn the science behind eating healthy, how food can heal our body and how to cleanse in a healthy, responsible way - no fads about it!  


  • Modern eating and food- GMO's, hormones, steroids, antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, petroleum based fertilizers, health and death statistics.


  • Why one-third of children born after 2000 will develop type 2 diabetes, why half of us will die of heart disease, why cancer is a leading cause of death, and how all of these are preventable diseases through diet and lifestyle choices.


  • The building blocks of nutrition- fats, carbohydrates, protein, vitmains, minerals and enzymes and finding the balance for each individual patient.


  • The importance of local, seasonal and organic eating, finding farmers, farmers markets, CSA's and local restaurants. 




Module 4 Emotional Healing

  • We all need emotional healing in one way or another. We, at The IHCI beleive that in order to sustain emotional healing, and refrain from reverting back to limiting past patterns, a deep excavation of one's foundation must take place.


  • This involves "shining the flash light in the dark corners of our being", in order to get very clear on what an individuals limiting beliefs are, where they came from and also what the individuals core-values and core purpose in life are.


  • From here, we can discover what emotions are stuck and use the appropriate tools to commence the Emotional Healing process in a wholistic and balanced manner - one that lasts.


  • You will see how the 5 Elements and 6 Bodies of Multi Style Health play a factor in maintaining emotional well-being.


  • You will receive podcasts detailing each of the tools for this module, as well as Emotional Evaluation Forms.


* This is a two-month module.

Module 5 Coaching Facilitation


Part 1 - Physical

  • Learn effective nutritional coaching techniques used for individuals, couples and groups.


  • Learn to complete your Client Physical Assessment Form. 


  • Learn physical coaching and team nutrition building techniques for Corporate Clients.

Module 6 Coaching Facilitation


Part 2 - Emotional

  • Learn effective emotional coaching techniques used for individuals, couples and groups.


  • Learn to complete your Client Emotional Assessment Form. 


  • Learn emotional coaching and team building from an emotional standpoint for Corporate Clients.


* This is a two-month module.

Module 7 Buisness Building

Module 8 Pura Vida Practicum

Relationship/Career/Family/Money​/Balance /Health & Body /Communication​



Private Coaching

Webinars & Workshops


This two-week, all inclusive practicum in Costa Rica includes:


  • 13 nights accommodations at our Costa Rica Retreat Location;


  • 3 healthy meals each day, starting with dinner on day 1 and ending with breakfast on day 14;


  • Cooking lessons: How to create our healthy meals, that work for your body;


  • Study, including working with real clients;​ shadowing our coaches at work.


  • Creation of your individual coaching formats and meditations.


  • Personal self study, feedback program and using the tools for self coaching.


  • Administration of your final exam (practical, oral and written); and


  • Your graduation ceremony dinner and celebration!

This module is all about providing you with tools to make yourself a successful coach.  Topics of study will include:


  • Marketing 101


  • Social Media


  • Creating Your Unique Brand 


  • How to write your own book


  • Simple and Professional Website Creation


  • Successful Networking - Building Your Team


  • Abundance Business Plan


  • Building your client list - who is your target? what is your niche?


  • Learn client a client screening process to ensure your clients are a fit for you.


  • Learn how to deal with "the difficult group member" and with individual resistance.


  • Coaching Ethics


  • Workshop and retreat design tips, tricks, do’s and don’ts.






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