Module 2

The Integrative Medical Approach

  • Study Basic Anatomy and Physiology, from a functional medicine approach.


  • An overview of the principles of functional medicine.


  • How the 5 Elements relate to the 6 Bodies, and Integrative Coaching tools used to deepen and balance each element.  The 5 Elements are:


       1) Earth

       2) Fire

       3) Metal

       4) Wood

       5) Water


  • The basic theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine including the theory of Qi, Blood, Yin and Yang, causes of disease, and tools and techniques to impact health.  


  • Treatment options- yoga, coaching, qi gong, acu point massage/ stimulation (auricular seeds), nutritional counseling, refer out and track patient progress with different practitioners.


Welcome to the 'Intellectual' part of your program!  In this Module, you will receive an abundant amount of new information.  You will be supported by Dr. Raymond.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!  Remember to stay balanced within your 6 Bodies, and within all 5 Areas of Life!  Please read your PDF Booklet​ and follow the instructions.

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