Module 6

Emotional Coaching Facilitation

In this module, you will:

  • Review all of the tools you have learned in the Emotional Healing portion of your program.

  • Learn how to successfully guide your clients through the tools you have learned in your Emotional Healing Modules.


  • In this module you will be introduced to the IHCI Coaching Forms, and you will complete your case studies.

Module 6

PDF Booklet

Welcome to your Module 6! 


Read your PDF Booklet and follow the instructions!

Here are your printable forms to download:

Client EAF Personal

Client EAF Couples

Client EAF Corporate 

Personal Power Tools

Client Progress Report

Completed Couples EAF

Completed Corporate EAF

Submit your assignments to halilove@me.com
If you have any questions,
please email me at the address above or contact me via
whatsapp at +506-8964-4369

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