When I first signed up for the Integrative Wellness Coaching certificate program, I was terrified and exhilarated!! I knew I had to now put my energy and focus into action and finally do what I had thought about doing, almost my entire life.  When I first began the program, by day three, I felt as if I was on my life path finally and felt so ready and aligned.  


As the program went on, I kept allowing my fear to hold me back and procrastinate. Both Hali and Randi, where always being so supportive and there for me. For me any delay in my schooling was not due to not being able to complete what was being asked of me, but fear of success. I was able to work through all my fears and let my purpose, goals and mission guide me and keep me on track.  I was so excited to go to Costa Rica to completed my practicum! Being in Costa Rica and creating 7 meditations and recording them, was a game changer for me and I am so grateful I got to do that and do it in Costa Rica. For me, my journey was how I needed it to be. I worked through so much personal issues and finally allowed myself to succeed and achieve what I dreamt of.


In fact in March,  I applied for a counsellor position at at not-for-profit that helps woman in abusive relationships. Before I took the Integrative wellness course, I would not have had the skills, or experience to apply and would of let my fear take over and let my self doubt stop me from trying. To my delight I got the job, and although, do to the world right now, I am can not start yet, I am so excited to begin this and use my skills and knowledge as well as the new ones I will learn to be what I need to be as a counsellor. The world is kind of upside down and twist right now, but I have been also using what I learned in the program with myself and family to stay grounded and to know that this will pass. I am so glad I trusted myself enough to begin, do, and complete this course.  A Pawlitzki , Calgary, Canada

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